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Every word holds an essence of magic because it conveys a message, which is then left with the recipient to interpret. The way it is understood can vary by association to the context it is placed within, known as a sentence. Then evolving into greater affordability of clarity or confusion when placed within a paragraph. Its simplicity exists …

New York Stray Cats

It struck me as I walked the streets of New York that I hadn’t seen many people with dogs walking about, the same applied to spotting stray cats. It is rare for me to be in such a built up place where animals are seemingly absent from the landscape. I’m used to homes teaming with a cacophony of animal sounds …

Concept to Creation

Let me tell you a little secret about any creative pursuit, it affords the freedom to do as you wish with no rules or constraints other than the ones you chose to impose. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this in terms of placing every single person on an equal footing to excel in what they …

New York Streets

After years of traveling across the globe I finally decided it was time to visit the United States of America. The place where people are always seemed to promote the ideals of ‘living the dream – making it happen.’ I was keen to understand what it felt like to be a part of the community and …


Tis the early hours of the first day of the new year 2016 in Brooklyn New York, where the echoes of the people still in the midst of celebration through the streets of Bed-Styvestant can be heard from my fourth floor apartment. I feel the energy of the crowds helping to sustain the excitement. Their dreams, desires and hopes ignited …

AirBnB Travelers Retrospective

How remarkable it is for me to be a global traveler in a day and age where I have access to the thought genius of technological designer’s birthing concepts such as the easy to use platform called AirBnB. It’s the Mecca for opportunity, where non technology savvy laymen can make their underutilized space available for travelers to enjoy. 

2015 Readers Choice Awards Nominee

I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that not one but three of my books would become nominated finalists in the McWood Publishing ‘We Said it: Literary Reviews – 2015 Readers Choice Awards’.

Love Actually

To love with purity holding no regard for return of favor is a skill. To find another who naturally has the same capability is a universal collaborative blessing.  True love actually exists.