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Every word holds an essence of magic because it conveys a message, which is then left with the recipient to interpret. The way it is understood can vary by association to the context it is placed within, known as a sentence. Then evolving into greater affordability of clarity or confusion when placed within a paragraph. Its simplicity exists …

Words don’t come easy

I’ve been writing voluntarily since I was knee high to a grass hopper and was often perplexed that after countless stories, I am still not lost for ideas. Thirty plus years later and I find myself in a position where I feel the pressure of time escaping my ability to capture all that is within me …

Belong to you



No Limits

Loves Continuum

Blessed Meet – Sato Family

Many moons ago a budding young very naive girl came from Japan to Australia to study. We met through mutual connections and became fast friends. I gave her the knick name DaDoo because whenever I said I needed to get something or go somewhere to run an errand she would often say “Its ok, I …