Who is Truth Devour?

Seriously my first thought is what does it matter who I am, what I look like or what my favorite food is? I’m person who lives my life like any other – as best I can.

It is hard to determine precisely what my passions are given the world presents with so many opportunities. The spaces I like to dabble: Writing, Reading, Travelling, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Poetry, Music …. basically anything that gets my creative juices flowing and supports the mood I am feeling compelled to express.

I embrace as many creative variants as time allows to willfully drink from the experiences that assist in coloring the pages of the books I choose to write and you choose to read.

My catch saying is
Live the journey of self and devour thy own truth.
  • Believe in thy self
  • Love thy self
  • Trust thy self
  • Have faith in thy self
  • Compassion for thy self
  • Forgiveness for thy self

Life is about choices and chances. You make a choice and take a chance. It all starts and ends with you.