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Enigma Series Trilogy - Adaptation

The Artistry of Make Up

In the wake of Professional Film and TV make up artists Daphne Goulter and Carly Lennon joining the Wantin Sizzle Reel production team we organized a day of hair and beauty trials to see whether the time allowance planned for the shoot days would be ample to achieve the defined character styling.

There was an immediate sense of staggering enormity associated to the amount of equipment and supplies that these ladies are required to possess in order to execute their job. It’s truly hard to fathom the volume of product that’s carted from one location to another.

I enjoyed watching Daphne and Carly unpack their gear in a manner that demonstrated that it had clearly become a fine tuned methodical process. The brushes were sprawled out to the front left, foundation shades stacked neatly behind. One by one the eye shadow pallets were opened and placed onto the portable table.

I may not be an expert in beauty product application but I could certainly feel the growing need to pick up a brush and start randomly applying colors to anyone who dared to stay still for long enough to let me. Initially I contained the urge but as the day passed I succumbed to straddling Eden (much to his horror) while I applied a few choice brush strokes to his forehead that I would like to think added to his look. On the side line Carly patiently observed completely amused.

Feeling sated by my contribution I let Carly continue her mastery while I snuck away to update my Star Now profile with my newly acquired skill as a make up artist.

Enigma Series - Wantin on screen Adaptation
Enigma Series - Wantin Sizzle Reel

Actress Sue Radchenko was first up in the chair with Daphne. The assignment was simple, darken her pale complexion to be a dirty olive sun speckled variation. Then weather her features to add a decade or so while you’re at it. Easy peasy.

Excited by the challenge Daphne set her sights on transforming Susan into our wise old beloved Romany palm reading gypsy. There was something humbling about watching her eagerly trace and emphasize every single wrinkle on her face, neck and hands in various shades of brown. From a distance it looked like the outline of a road map was overlaid on Sue’s face. The magic touch of skilled blending was applied, while alternating with creating liver spots and other age identifying blemishes. Layer upon patiently applied layer was carefully added to build toward the desired effect. The results were staggeringly good.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room Eden was just getting acquainted with Carly when I switched focus to them. His appointed role is Enzo who is a submissive to Mistress Le Vour. As part of the costume styling Eden is set to wear a half mask. Carly placed this on him to mark the position and then wasted no time in getting him ready for a bit of creative experimentation and play.

We had a strong sense of the starting point for the design which included incorporating a spectrum of colors that would compliment the set design while contrasting against his scene counter part Mistress Le Vour. Aqua marine blues, greens and pinks were laid out on the table at the ready.

Once Carly let loose and began truly playing with the design of the eye mask across his face a transformation quickly emerged that had us all staring at Eden’s green eyes. Just the simple application of framing with white eyeliner made them pop.

When actress Ella Crotty who is playing the lead role of Talia assumed the position in the chair with Daphne, I had requested that a balayage effect be created on her lips. I then handed Carly a picture of an intricate French side braid that I wanted to test out on Ella’s thick head of hair.

Fifteen minutes later Carly called me over to take a look at her first attempt at the braid. I glanced at the picture and then at Ella, then back at the picture before looking at Carly and secretly wondering if she was a magician. The result was picture perfect.

As the day was drawing to a close I recognized the measly thirty mins per actor for hair and makeup on the shoot days was seriously not going to cut it. The safe guard would be to go back to planning and bolster the time allocated to an hour minimum and in some cases an hour and a half for the more complex looks.

All in all we agreed the time expended was well worth the effort. We not only had a greater appreciation for what it was going to take to achieve the looks, there was also the valuable confirmation that the character styling and make up were on point.

Sue transformed into the gypsy, Eden became the submissive gimp and the champion effect of the day had to be awarded to the look of the balayage lips on Ella that were seriously hypnotizing.

Another day in the life of Wantin Sizzle Reel pre-production activities have successfully drawn to a close.

Blessings – Truth Devour

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