Enigma & Soliliquy's Labyrinth Series

Fantasy Fiction

Imagination goes beyond the pleasures of escapism. In my world of fiction I’ve created a series of stories aimed to take you on an unforgettable journey. I’ve created a space to allow you to be free to challenge the status quo, to make you laugh, fall in love with the characters and expand the ideals of life’s possibilities. 

Look at the world with new eyes so you can reveal the truth. Nothing is ever what it seems. 

Enigma Series

Forget what you think you know and feel your way to the truth.

This series will have you laughing, crying, and desiring to change the world all while experiencing some hot and naughty sexual escapades. The Enigma Series by the multi award winning author Truth Devour is truly a genre redefining page turner, and an absolute MUST READ for fantasy enthusiasts!

Soliloquy's Labyrinth Series

Knowing nothing can be a critical advantage.

It’s been hailed as genre redefining. Unlike anything out there, the Soliloquy Labyrinth series will challenge the way you see the world around you and frankly blow your mind. Interwoven stories within stories build around some dark twisted moments, a touch of thriller and heads you right into an amazing reveal in Book four, Perenis. This series has readers smiling with satisfaction. No-one can predict what’s coming.

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What Readers Are Saying

Holy Moly! That's the first thing I thought after I finished reading Illuminarium: Book One of the Soliloquy's Labyrinth series. The author's ability to write a true "story within a story," telling the stories of Harper and York simultaneously by utilizing the tool of the book, was an ingenious literary trick.
Tracey Slowiak
Illuminarium (Soliloquy's Labyrinth Series - Book 1) by Truth Devour is a one of a kind compelling story. The story comes to life through a unique and gripping plot delivered through flawless writing. The book is built on some rather wildly outlandish themes, but Truth Devour made it all feel so real and completely believable. By the time I was done reading the story, ideas like past life, reincarnation, twin flames, and the existence of invisible evil spirits felt like very real possibilities.
Faridah Nassozi
Illuminarium by Truth Devour is an urban fantasy with a hint of thriller. I usually love the mishmash of genres. I never thought I would come across a novel that is a mix of urban-fantasy and thriller. I am really glad that it worked because I had high expectations of the novel, especially after reading that thought provoking synopsis. The novel is well written; the characters are rounded and have so much potential. The plot of the novel is intriguing and grabs your attention right from the first chapter. You will, like me, love the intensity and the complexity of the novel and will want to read it again and again.
Rabia Tanveer

Just A Thought

Across the globe we have been united by the impact of change. There are many who have suffered as a consequence of choices that have been made that were beyond our immediate ability to influence. That being said, we can make a difference. The way we decide to tackle the challenges that await us will be how we define ourselves moving forward.

All Lives Matter

Kindness is Life Saving

More than ever before we have been thrust towards the edge of a precipice. This health crisis is very real and needs your attention. Try to do your best to help yourself stay safe. When you are able, go to the aid of family and friends. Most of all be tolerant of others and try to find ways to celebrate your differences.

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