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Soliloquy's Labyrinth Series

Follow the adventures with the forensic psychologist Harper as she uncovers the truth behind a masked reality that is set to destroy the world. This unique telling of a good versus evil story possesses exciting twists, is at times dark, with a hint of thriller. Reading Illuminarium will mark the start of an adventure that will take you to places you never realized you needed to go.

Given the right circumstances, we all have the capacity to be angels or demons, hero's or villains.

Enigma Series

When young Talia Jacobs finds herself orphaned, fate paths a course for her safe passage to grow into an intriguing young woman. Oblivious to her natural draw, Talia leaves people feeling touched by her inexplicable allure. As she travels the world in search for a place that might give her a sense of belonging, Talia unconsciously gravitates closer toward her true calling. A forgotten past will expose the interconnection between her life and the price paid by all those who loved her, so that she may live. 

Trusting in the obvious is set to mislead. Nothing is ever as it seems.