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Genre Redefining Works Of Fantasy Fiction

Fresh Inventive Style

Truth has created a highly unique and inventive, compilation of literature. It is sure to immerse you into an adventure unlike any told before. Truth specializes in fantasy fiction with an edge. Through the eyes of the main protagonist your mind is challenged to question how you see yourself and others in the world. Her works of fiction go slightly beyond the categorization of the mainstream fantasy genre. Be prepared to be thrilled.

Truth's fiction ignite your imagination and leave you hungry for more.

Soliloquy's Labyrinth Series

Tapping into the depths of darkness

Go on an adventures with the forensic psychologist Harper Perelle. In a twist of fate she uncovers the interconnection between every decision she has made and how it has affected the world. Harper's butterfly effect revelation uncovers the truth behind a masked reality. Now all she needs to do is stop the Interferons from destroying the world.

This unique telling of a good versus evil plot possesses unpredictable and exciting twists. It reaches into dark places to let the light in, and has a hint of thriller thrown in the mix.

Read the first book in the series, Illuminarium, to mark the start of your journey on an adventure you never realized you needed to go.

"Given the right circumstances, we all have the capacity to be angels or demons."

Enigma Series Trilogy

All things happen for a reason

Are you yearning to dive into an easy read that offers you a chance to forget the day to day grind? Then the Enigma series may be precisely the cure for what ails you. This trilogy contains adventures that take place across the globe, involve unbreakable bonds of friendship, love and cultural experiences like voodoo.

At the age of six young Talia Jacobs finds herself orphaned. In the care of her Haitian nanny Marlee, Talia is plunged into the world of voodoo. Marked by her connection to the occult, her power is awakened and she is protected from evil forces.

Talia is sent to rural Australia to be raised by her aunt and uncle and their three children. Her charmed childhood provides Talia a safe passage to grow into an intriguing young woman.ย Oblivious to her natural draw, Talia leaves people feeling touched by her inexplicable allure.

When Talia travels the world to search for a place to belong, she unconsciously unravels the origins of her past. Every step makes her gravitate closer to her true calling.

"Trusting in the obvious is set to mislead. Nothing is ever as it seems."

A moment captured: the sun melting away the morning frost. Simple yet glorious.

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Visiting my brother and sister in law has its perks. I get to play with Duke. ๐Ÿ˜ Look at that pretty face. He's such a sweet fellow.

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Nature in observation - COVID19 era of restricted living. Walking around the Dandenong Mountains on a lovely Autumn blue sky Sunday.

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