Change is inevitable ….  Are you ready?

Illuminarium has certainly set the scene for what is going to be a Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal series of epic proportions, not just with the enthralling unique storyline but also with the writing, which is in the signature Devour style of first person delivery.
Do your imagination a favor and grab a copy of Illuminarium while Devour still has the e-book price currently positioned at 0.99 cents. The book is a brilliant start, setting the pace for what should be a landmark series.
Don’t let the book blurb fool you. Devour is a trickster who intentionally provides enough intrigue with an overlay of vagueness to encourage readers to make a conscious choice on taking a chance by investing the time in the story in the absence of preconception.
The novel is best savored without knowing too much in advance. In saying this what we will tell you is that Illuminarium is structured around a forensic psychologist named Harper who, while on a walk in the woods one day, happens upon a book. The pages draw her psychologically into another world, as she reads the life story of a character named York. The more she reads, the more she realizes that this book is far from ordinary. Before she knows it, her perspective on reality is adjusted to a new level of awakening, thrusting her at the forefront of an age old battle between good and evil.


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Insurrection will alter the way you see reality....

The journey has only just begun ….

Driven by greed their need to manipulate has quickly become my greatest advantage. We were pawns in the silent wars until we started breaking the rules we never realized we had been following. The interferon’s puppet mastery is permanently disrupted by our awakening to the truth. No longer able to reach the masses without risk of discovery and resulting consequences to bear, they reluctantly dance the steps to my rhythm of influence now. Let them learn their lesson and learn it well. Control is the ultimate illusion.

Be prepared to forget everything you know ….

Certainty can get you killed.

Quantum - Contemporary Fantasy
Is it the challenge that we face or the mindset to the challenge that poses the greatest struggle?
Knowing and embracing your weakness, can become a strength.
Use this insight it wisely.

Take the journey with me ….

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What has been thought of….

And is yet to become

Publishing Target: Dec 2018


Latin: philosophia perennis, also referred to as Perennialism, is a perspective in the philosophy of religion which views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which foundation all religious knowledge and doctrine has grown.

Publishing Target: May 2019


  • A dual state or quality


  • Dominating power or influence