Welcome to the Labyrinth

Never seek permission to be who you are. - Truth Devour

Imagination to Script to Screen

I’ve realized through my evolution of writing fiction that I have a hunger to explore the translation of my works into a multitude of other mediums. The highlight of this revelation was the opportunity to extend my skills so I could participate in the journey of film making.

The natural first step for me as a writer was to extend my knowledge to translating my existing works into scripts. Through this experience I quickly became aware that my mind was adapting a broader point of view. It has reignited my passion for learning. I have been like a child exploring the world through new eyes every since.

The greatest progression I have undertaken in recent times is to shift my script writing into the medium of film. I have jumped in with both feet and thrust myself at the helm of this exciting new adventure.

Promotional Teasers

As part of the story development, several scenes from the first book in the enigma series called Wantin was filmed in Australia. I had an amazing group of talented crew and actors work with me as a first time script writer, director, and producer.

The video’s below are the teasers I have edited from the sizzle reel for the Enigma Series. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into my world of film making.

Enigma Series - Wantin Trailer

Talia’s first encounter with voodoo begins when her Haitian nanny Marlee executes a ritual. It draws her into a supernatural realm where the truth about her ‘missing’ parents is revealed.

Orphaned and left with no choice, young Talia must go and live with her Aunt and Uncle in rural Australia. Despite their best efforts to fill the void, no-one can reach Talia, with the exception of Brad.

Talia embarks on an unforgettable journey to find herself and the truth of what had happened to her parents.

Haiti Goodbye Scene

Talia is devastated that she has to bid her first and only friend, Bodhi, farewell. 

Just when Talia thought things couldn’t get any worse, tragedy befalls her parents. Orphaned, young Talia Jacobs cannot remain in Haiti.

With no time to come to terms with what it all means Talia is forced to say goodbye to nanny Marlee. Her Aunt and Uncle from Australia have arrived to take her home.

Haiti - Voodoo Sence

At the age of six Talia Jacobs finds herself in the loving care of her nanny Marlee, while her parents are traveling around Haiti. This scene depicts the voodoo ritual Marlee performs to ‘protect’ young Talia from harm.

Brad & Talia's Special Bond

Deep below the surface of her smile, Talia is struggling to accept the gravity of the loss she has had to endure. The saving grace is her kindred connection to Brad, the middle child of the three cousins she now lives with at her Aunt and Uncles property in rural Australia.

In the moments Brad is with Talia, he helps her forget the pain. They have been thick as thieves from the moment she arrived into his life. Theirs is an unbreakable bond.

Paris - Dominatrix Scene (Mature Audience)

In order to escape from her own thoughts Talia travels to Paris, where she discovers a passion for photography. Jean Paul, her instructor takes her under his wing. He introduces Talia to his circle of friends, which includes an artist by the name of Lena.

Talia jumps at the chance to participate in an upcoming photography exhibition. This is the avenue that Lena uses to draw Talia into the clandestine world of her alter ego, Mistress Le Vour.