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Author Truth Devour

Born: 1970

Star Sign: Cancer

Nationality: Australian

Religion: Universal Truth

Education: HSC (Yr 12) Dip. Thoroughbred Racing

Hobbies:  Photography, Horse Riding, Painting, Poetry, Hiking … any thing fun and creative.

Favorite thing to do:  Travel – cultural immersion

Favorite books:  Anything non fiction, especially quantum sciences, philosophy, agricultural (bio dynamics) and medical

Favorite movies:  Kung Fu Hustle, Shining, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Fight Club, Legends of the Fall, Ever After … I like to be entertained.

Favorite foods:  Figs, Mandarins & Watermelon  – Yummo


Truth Devour was born in Melbourne, Australia, in July 1970 to Eastern European parents who migrated across from the former Yugoslavia along with her two older siblings. Although she had been creative all her life, Truth only began publishing her newly created works in 2013 after a brush with death left her in a state of awareness that she held regrets. It was this which drove her to move forward with aligning her life to the ideals of living with creative purpose.

Driven by a new chance to do things differently Truth set out to transition from being an IT Professional into a full time writer. The desire to become free from constraints saw Truth selling her 17 acre farm in central Victoria, including all the possessions she had collected across the years. It wasn’t a decision made lightly given her three beautiful dogs needed to be rehoused and her horses sold to new homes in order to allow for her to reduce her debt and be free to travel the globe in pursuit of her dreams.


The Many Faces of Truth

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Truth's Trivia

  • At the tender age of eight years old I wrote the lyrics to my first song.
  • Star was the first abused animal I rescued. This horse taught twelve year old me what it felt like to be truly loved.
  • When I was fifteen I was given a bottle of Rive Gauche (made by Yves Saint Laurent). Its still the only commercial fragrance I wear.
  • My first car was a Datsun 240KGL sedan that I hand painted light sky blue and used my shoe laces to tie down the bonnet.
  • I wrote my first novel in 1988. I was eighteen years old.
  • From 1988 to 2010 I wrote eight novels, all of which currently remain unpublished.

Creative World Of Truth

Across various social media platforms, you can readily see Truth generously share her experiences. This is a summary sample set of some of her creative adventures utilizing different artistic mediums. All copyright & credits go to: ©TruthDevour


Watercolour Hippo By Truth Devour
Watercolour Polar Bear By Truth Devour
Watercolour Flowers By Truth Devour
Watercolour Mr Hienz By Truth Devour
Watercolour Baby Hippo By Truth Devour


Cats Photo By Truth Devour
Barbed Wire Photo By Truth Devour
Autumn Photo By Truth Devour
Hay Barn Photo By Truth Devour
Tree Photo By Truth Devour

Diary Excerpts & Doodles

Diary Excerpt By Truth Devour
Diary Excerpt By Truth Devour
Diary Excerpt By Truth Devour
Truth's Diary By Truth Devour
Diary Excerpt By Truth Devour

Quotes Created By Truth

Quotes Created By Truth