Author: Truth Devour

Its A Question Of Free Will

Free Will - Freedom of Choice - IndividualityIs it just an illusion? The human brain is a fascinating organ that is largely still a mystery. The expanse of our unyielding grey matter continues to tempt droves of inquisitive people to explore its depths in order to understand, leverage and exploit its potential. In 2012, I became …

Aussie Talent Production Recruitment

Behind The ScenesTrue Blue Aussie Talent When I set out on this remarkable journey to write, produce and direct the Wantin sizzle reel, I was adamant that I wanted to have people aligned to me who were passionate about their craft and deserved an opportunity to be showcased for their abilities. Anyone who has been …

Wantin Sizzle Reel – Childs Play

Wantin - Sizzle reel Adaptation
Wantin pre-production rehearsals Fun and games ... The time had come to kick off the rehearsals with the child actors selected for the Enigma Series Trilogy on screen adaptation sizzle reel. (Try saying that really fast three times!) I wasn't sure what to expect given that my only interaction with the appointed talent was during …

Wantin Sizzle Reel – Make Up Trial

Enigma Series Trilogy - AdaptationThe Artistry of Make Up In the wake of Professional Film and TV make up artists Daphne Goulter and Carly Lennon joining the Wantin Sizzle Reel production team we organized a day of hair and beauty trials to see whether the time allowance planned for the shoot days would be ample …

Autism – The Awakening

In 1991 at the ripe old age of twenty-one Robert DeNiro had me moved to uncontrollable tears when I watched him on the big screen playing the character of a catatonic patient that briefly comes to life when Robin Williams (the doctor) treats him with a drug called L-dopa.

A World Reflected Anonymous

The tables are turning to reflect a new age where the voice and actions of some online hackers coined hacktivists and known also by the reference Anonymous, are slowly changing public perception from fear to revere with support growing daily. It seems their mission statement focusses on achieving a truly new realm of leaderless world order by …

Playing with Potter

In a world largely structured to drive compliance, routine, conformity and status quo, there is most certainly a hunger for adventurous creative entertainment that provides people a reprieve from their daily consumer driven lives. In fact, its big business, if you get it right.  

Unlimited Power

We are arriving at the cusp of what appears to me as a revolution on thoughts that have reset the motion to a cycle that challenge’s the way we continue to see our own reality. I’m specifically talking about the self-empowerment and sustainment of individual thought.