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The diversity of lifestyle, coupled with its complex religion and classes held an allure that pushed me passed my comfort zone and into the cultural immersion of India. I venture into lands unknown in order to live a life colored with unique experiences.

Yelp for help

Traveling is a tricky business when you are on your own and have little access to trusted advisors such as family and friends on hand to guide you with invaluable local knowledge. This is where I have found the rating services listed on portals such as Yelp can be an amazing traveler’s guide.

New York Stray Cats

It struck me as I walked the streets of New York that I hadn’t seen many people with dogs walking about, the same applied to spotting stray cats. It is rare for me to be in such a built up place where animals are seemingly absent from the landscape. I’m used to homes teaming with a cacophony of animal sounds …

Perfectly Imperfect

I never had a teddy bear when I was a child, so one day during a whim in my mid thirties, I decided it was time I did something about it. I’ve always liked the look of hand made toys and realized if I was to have one, then it should be created by me. Hence, …

New York Streets

After years of traveling across the globe I finally decided it was time to visit the United States of America. The place where people are always seemed to promote the ideals of ‘living the dream – making it happen.’ I was keen to understand what it felt like to be a part of the community and …

AirBnB Travelers Retrospective

How remarkable it is for me to be a global traveler in a day and age where I have access to the thought genius of technological designer’s birthing concepts such as the easy to use platform called AirBnB. It’s the Mecca for opportunity, where non technology savvy laymen can make their underutilized space available for travelers to enjoy. 

Bamboo Forest – Japan

Japan has always held a special place in my heart. There is a familiarity, perhaps even a comfort for me that holds no explanation pertaining to my lineage or cultural upbringing. My only connection to its shores were through the martial arts training I received during my teenage years. I was a voracious reader of anything …

Creative Contact

I’ve always tried to incorporate elements of creativity in anything I do. Photography is a medium that I hold a deep passion for. It was and still is an avenue outside of my escapism in words that channels my the ability to illustrate what it is that I see in the subject and objects I …