Prague – Baroque Beauty

The Enchantment of Prague

A Fairytale Journey

Prague is one of those enchanting cities that everyone should have on their bucket list to visit. Walking across the statue laden Charles bridge toward the old town square is a delightful path filled with history that charms the imagination. Every angle offers a beautiful point of interest. 

There is nothing that compares to the feeling that ensues when you enter the square for the first time. My heart skipped a beat when I turned the corner and walked into this delightful scene of spectacular Baroque period buildings.

Of all the visual splendors the square has to offer, I gravitated toward the medieval astronomical clock. People swarm around it as the turning of an hour approaches. The signal of the time striking ‘x’ o’clock is kicked off by a skeleton ringing a tiny bell. Then other statues adorning the periphery of the clock begin to move. The church bells saturate the air as they loudly toll. You can feel the energy of the crowd rise toward the end of the display when strangers unite to clap and cheer the completion of the show.

How To Get Around

I’m an avid walker and believe that I get the most out of my travels by allowing myself to get lost through the streets of any town I visit. If you are coming to Prague and don’t have much time, then there are loads of established guided tours. In saying this, I would suggest that you opt to consider taking a tram. Honestly, it is the cheapest, and in my opinion, the most convenient way to get around Prague.

You will always save money by traveling like a local. Tickets for occasional public transport use are time-boxed within a day. E.g., Thirty Minutes, One Hour, Three Hours. There are also tickets sold in lots of a single day to multi-days. It is an inexpensive way to travel. The fare you purchase can be used on trains and buses as well. The website Prague Experience lists the costs and transport options.

The trams are equipped with machines that accept all major credit cards. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets in advance at any news agency. There are ticket machines available at some of the larger tram stops and you have the option available to download the Prague app to buy a fare online.

Don't forget that you need to validate your ticket when you get on the tram. The validation machines that accept the paper pre-purchased tickets are located at the very front and back of the tram. It’s that simple.

The Honest Guides

If you are new to traveling or just interested in doing some research in advance of going to Prague, you can’t go past The Honest Blog and  YouTube channel Honest Guide It is created by two locals who are passionate about providing tourists with useful information.

When I arrived in the country, I chose to purchase their book called Honest Guide. They offer plenty of cheap places to eat, the best places to exchange your money for a fair rate and loads more. You can get all this information from what they post on their YouTube site as well. I happen to like books.


It is hard for me to choose a favorite attraction for you to add to a must-see list. If you only have one day, then, the vicinity within and around the old town would be my suggestion. The charm of the architecture and history is embedded all around Prague. Just be prepared to be surrounded by loads of tourists.

If you have some time, be daring, walk around other parts of town without a map for a day and let what you stumble upon delight you. Google can always get you back to your lodgings. Failing that Uber works in Prague.

Prague is a travel-friendly city. It is easy to commute around and can be an economical adventure that doesn’t compromise your experience of this beautiful tourist destination.

Happy Travels!

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