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Unlimited Power

We are arriving at the cusp of what appears to me as a revolution on thoughts that have reset the motion to a cycle that challenge’s the way we continue to see our own reality. I’m specifically talking about the self-empowerment and sustainment of individual thought. 

Yelp for help

Traveling is a tricky business when you are on your own and have little access to trusted advisors such as family and friends on hand to guide you with invaluable local knowledge. This is where I have found the rating services listed on portals such as Yelp can be an amazing traveler’s guide.

Poetic Expression – Can you see?

This is part of the audio / visual poetry series that I created where I came across images that moved me to write poetry and express my thoughts on a variety of mostly taboo topics. I can be rather controversial and confronting in what I express at times. In a world filled with encouraged silence …