Unlimited Power

We are arriving at the cusp of what appears to me as a revolution on thoughts that have reset the motion to a cycle that challenge’s the way we continue to see our own reality. I’m specifically talking about the self-empowerment and sustainment of individual thought. 

In a sense, I have seen the structure of the modernized world designed as a form of institution that is now struggling to continue to strive to hold the majority to conform and walk the wheel of madness, with the same steps, in the same direction, at the same pace. There is an up rise where people can be spotted moving to their own rhythm, by tapping into the wealth of resources that encourage and support unlimited power.

Everything I see, think and feel is processed by me on my terms and understanding. It is influenced by my experiences, environment, belief system, fears, adopted social pressures and so forth. In view of this, I struggle to comprehend why most of the design and marketing drive in these current times still place an emphasis on pushing the ideals of conformity, when, in reality, it has been demonstrated that the greatest exponential growth has been led by those who, tend to be enablers of celebration toward being an individual. An example of this is best witnessed through the development of social media channels. What I’ve noticed across the past decade is a phenomenon stimulated by the creation of applications and service portals on the internet that people have utilized to mould into something that it otherwise had never been envisioned or designed to do. YouTube is an example of what I am referring to here. There are people who have had their careers launched off the face of this platform not to mention television shows built off the back of it’s success. Twitter is another great example whereby people report in real-time, unfiltered news of what’s happening in the world. This holds unlimited potential and with this, unlimited power.

In my opinion, there is a continuous positive shift occurring as more people become socially online savvy. The increased accessibility of smart phones has become the ultimate conduit for stimulating momentous change. Unbeknownst to those who were developing social media apps, they were creating a space whereby the corporate giants who previously held a conglomerate on what was reported, how it was issued and when, are now largely becoming thrust into competing with an open consumer driven forum. The private corporate sectors and government bodies who allegedly silently played an active part in influencing the shape of what was seen and heard in the media, have also been inadvertently disarmed by this rapidly developing new suit of social apps that allows people to share information and freely voice their opinion. The key boils down to the undeniable influences swayed by a simple # hashtag.

“Hashtag’s are the new trending sheriff on the internet highway.”  ― Truth Devour

Although society is embracing the voice afforded through social media tools, I am yet to see it channeled to full effect. It is still in its infancy largely being utilized as a mecca for individuals to source and connect with likeminded people, to watch and share their experiences with, and to be a voyeur into the world of other’s lives. What makes these platforms great is that it holds the ability for people to do as they wish. The successful use of these applications is best seen by how individuals utilize the technology in a way that suits their purpose. It offers creative freedom and therefore has unlimited power. A great example is the shift in value proposition for musicians who no longer have to wait to become recognized and signed by a label. Artists can back themselves by releasing their own material on service portals such as iTunes. The same goes for the influential development of self publishing platforms such as Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. They are all contributors stimulating a push toward a more even playing field for people to unleash their creative expression on the open markets.

‘We can make a difference.’

Now more than ever we are entering an era where our single voice can contribute to sway and influence in a positive way. It’s 2016 and we still face issues such as depravation of clean water and access to nutrient rich food, worldwide. The marketing and social conditioning over the years has channeled my mind to immediately picture the imagery of a malnourished child, covered in flies, with lifeless eyes, staring down the barrel of a lens. Yet, I can walk down the city streets of Melbourne, Australia or any of the big cities I have traveled to, and see countless homeless people with an affliction to varying degrees of depravation. Why is this still happening at a time when I can see no excuse to justify its prolific existence? Imagine for one moment the difference that would be made if all municipal councils planted native fruit baring trees and vegetables on nature strips instead of ornamental trees and grass. Added to this, let’s consider where we might be if we follow France’s suit and incorporate the legislative ruling globally against food wastage, whereby supermarkets become banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and instead must donate it to charities or for animal feed.

“We are all enablers of the status quo or shape shifters of influence toward a better future.”  ― Truth Devour

How many of you have heard of the water wheel? A student by the name of Cynthia Koenig came up with the idea of manufacturing a re-enforced 22 gallon plastic barrel and adding a handle that enables fluid to be stored and rolled to and from a water source with ease. It is a simple concept that is now a game changer within the communities of those third world recipients using the product. This is a wonderful demonstration of unlimited power. We are all enablers of the status quo or shape shifters of influence toward a better future. One mind can make the difference but a united consciousness leveraging off the concepts that already exist can expedite our closure on famine. Its high time we utilized our collective intelligence to merge the best of the best solutions as a global standard. There should be no barrier allowed to prevent us from achieving this.

We have the ability to influence change and a suite of platforms that give us a mechanism to voice our thoughts. Use it’s unlimited power to help shape our world into a better place for all.

Blessings – Truth Devour

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