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Its A Question Of Free Will

Free Will - Freedom of Choice - IndividualityIs it just an illusion? The human brain is a fascinating organ that is largely still a mystery. The expanse of our unyielding grey matter continues to tempt droves of inquisitive people to explore its depths in order to understand, leverage and exploit its potential. In 2012, I became …

Autism – The Awakening

In 1991 at the ripe old age of twenty-one Robert DeNiro had me moved to uncontrollable tears when I watched him on the big screen playing the character of a catatonic patient that briefly comes to life when Robin Williams (the doctor) treats him with a drug called L-dopa.

A World Reflected Anonymous

The tables are turning to reflect a new age where the voice and actions of some online hackers coined hacktivists and known also by the reference Anonymous, are slowly changing public perception from fear to revere with support growing daily. It seems their mission statement focusses on achieving a truly new realm of leaderless world order by …

AirBnB Travelers Retrospective

How remarkable it is for me to be a global traveler in a day and age where I have access to the thought genius of technological designer’s birthing concepts such as the easy to use platform called AirBnB. It’s the Mecca for opportunity, where non technology savvy laymen can make their underutilized space available for travelers to enjoy. 

2015 Readers Choice Awards Nominee

I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that not one but three of my books would become nominated finalists in the McWood Publishing ‘We Said it: Literary Reviews – 2015 Readers Choice Awards’.

Love Actually

To love with purity holding no regard for return of favor is a skill. To find another who naturally has the same capability is a universal collaborative blessing.  True love actually exists.

Words don’t come easy

I’ve been writing voluntarily since I was knee high to a grass hopper and was often perplexed that after countless stories, I am still not lost for ideas. Thirty plus years later and I find myself in a position where I feel the pressure of time escaping my ability to capture all that is within me …

Who are you?

Is the you that is you known by few and the you that is you only seen by you any less truer than the you of all you’s?