Love Actually

To love with purity holding no regard for return of favor is a skill. To find another who naturally has the same capability is a universal collaborative blessing.  True love actually exists.

Occasionally there comes a time when I cross paths with someone who manages to reach in and touch my heart with the story they were generous enough to tell about themselves, encompassing their life experiences, hopes, dreams, fears. I treasure these moments as threads of magic. They replenish my soul with hope of what exists but may not be regularly seen in this world consumed with an unhealthy focus on war and terror.

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to a beautiful soul who told me about her relationship with her grandmother. It began with her expressing that she missed her best friend, her grandmother had passed and the loss she felt every day for her absence pulled on her core. I had never held a close relationship with any of my relatives nor had I met them given my parents had migrated from Eastern Europe to Australia where I was born. When I listened to the way she spoke of this relationship it held me captivated by the pure love that was exchanged between these two.

It was clear from what had been conveyed that this lovely soul had experienced her fair share of trauma from the full spectrum of lifes offerings where relationships turned unsavoury to health challenges. Rather than holding to this as a reason to be bitter she embraced an acceptance of that which she could not change and channelled her focus to working on herself.

‘Never loose sight of your smile’

Every weekend she took her grandmother out of her aged care facility to anywhere that allowed them to walk together arm in arm.  She spoke of how her grandmother made reference to the indignity of aging and how she insisted back to her grandmother that none of it mattered, she is still a beautiful woman who is treasured dearly and nothing could ever change that. I smiled at the words and asked  to see some images. When she opened up the camera app in her phone it was filled with photos of her and her grandmother. Many of them were spectacular but the two I have shared with you in this post are the ones that made me realize that this person wasn’t just saying she loves her grandmother, she truly loves her grandmother and her grandmother loves her. It is undeniably present in the glorious moments captured between them.

The magic exchange of touch. Loves unspoken exchange.

Loves unspoken exchange.

While I stared at the photo of them holding hands I listened to her explain that in her grandmothers village where arranged marriages were standard practice, she was paired up with the boy who she was already in love with. On the day that she passed from this life the family gathered outside while her body was being carried toward them. She watched her grandfather chase after his wife, making the people holding her stop. He reached in grabbed her face with both hands, kissing her while saying loudly over and over how much he loves her.

“Love and allow yourself to be loved, there is no greater offering of exchange.” 
―Truth Devour

Unashamedly I released a multitude of tears as the image of this taking place occurred in my mind like the best laid out scene of an old black and white crackling with noise movie reel of classic love. The romance of what she described held me in awe of her grandmothers ability to stimulate so much love toward her and most importantly how the essence of the energy continues to live on.

‘Love the way you wish to be loved’

This beautiful exchange of experience came to me when I was in a space of personal exhaustion. There was a multitude of elements of my life which were attempting to pull me in all directions, some I chose to yield to while others I set to simply ignore. My own experience of love is on an eternal pathway of glory in terms of my discovery of its essence to exist coupled with the need to somewhat feel compelled to fight for my right to be present to it.

“Pure love holds a vibration that helps to heal the world.” ―Truth Devour

This story for me stood to be a reminder that love exists in places and spaces across the hearts of millions around the globe. It provides me hope of there being more of these stories out there in unlimited numbers. In essence, that we are all in one way or another, enjoying a depth of interconnected relationship with one or many people whose life-force makes your soul want to shine brighter simply because they exist. Let us all strive to achieve this for ourselves and each other within our lifetimes.

Blessings – Truth Devour

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