Blessed Meet – Sato Family

Many moons ago a budding young very naive girl came from Japan to Australia to study. We met through mutual connections and became fast friends. I gave her the knick name DaDoo because whenever I said I needed to get something or go somewhere to run an errand she would often say “Its ok, I do.” That somehow in my clockwork orange with a dash of wonderland thought stream translated into DaDoo.


The perfect moment

The perfect moment.

The image you see above was taken by me at the precise moment Dadoo’s mom understood the context around an inappropriate dirty joke I had just told. It is one of my favorite images.


Like mother like daughter

Like mother like daughter


Dadoo, Okasan and I were walking along the beach. When we stopped to appreciate the view I noticed their stance. Much to my delight as I quietly stepped back I realised they unknowingly both held the same position.

These are the moments I enjoy recording because it tells a story otherwise unseen.

Misako & Okasan


Blessings – Truth Devour


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