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I’ve always tried to incorporate elements of creativity in anything I do. Photography is a medium that I hold a deep passion for. It was and still is an avenue outside of my escapism in words that channels my the ability to illustrate what it is that I see in the subject and objects I am observing.

My personality is founded on a sense of curiosity with a dash of cheekiness, ok perhaps more than a dash of cheek. Let’s just say I enjoy pushing the boundaries and even more so thrive on taking unsuspecting people along for the ride.


French born artist who I crossed paths with many years ago.

French-born artist – Andre’ Dumas


I met this fellow through an advertisement I placed in the paper. I laughed as I wrote that line knowing a large portion of people will automatically conclude I am referencing a dating service or friends seeking “friends” for fun times. Ha ha NO! I was selling a Rollieflex twin lens camera and he was the person enquiring.


We spoke for a length of time and agreed to meet. The contact sheet images you see displayed are taken and developed by me utilising the camera I had for sale to demonstrate the results. This French-born artist purchased the camera along with all the lenses I had available in the kit. I spent some time with Andre’ post the sale to show him how to use the equipment. These are a few of the images I took as part of my  photo study.


There is a real art to looking natural for the camera.

There is a real art to looking natural for the camera.


Through the eye of the lens, one is free to observe the world ~ Truth Devour


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