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Do you believe that there is that one incredible, enigmatic person out there who compliments you in ways no other has the ability to do? What would you be willing to sacrifice to find them, to be with them? How far are you prepared to go and what challenges are you ready to face to be present to unite your love and light energies?

The concept of twin flames is not new to those who are aware of spiritual and esoteric belief systems. There are many ancient fables describing the splitting of a single soul into two, which thus begins the journey of them healing and becoming attuned to their wholeness. Once the gauntlet of challenges faced are mastered across multiple lifetimes, it is said that they re-incarnate into forms of flesh during their final leg of the journey on this plane at the same time so they may unite and begin the ascension into universal light and love together.

There are some incredibly wonderful artistic interpretations of what twin flame union looks like. If you google twin flame images as I have done below, you will be greeted with a plethora of beautiful art that for me personally fuel a hunger to be present to knowing more. I find the imagery causes me to ache for the world to find balance, heal and become open to attracting the complimentary half of their soul, so they may begin remodeling their energies towards unconditional love.

Take a moment if you will to look at all the emotions reaching out from the countless pictures. The colors, the vibrant light filled surrounds where the energies of the two lovers are symbiotic. I feel the depiction of connectedness, safety, trust and a sense of knowing is captured so clearly in each. It tells me that there is faith in many that unconditional love between two is not only possible, it exists.

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During the course of writing my books I wanted to ensure I incorporated the beauty of this concept as an under toned integral part of the theme. The characters needed to feel a sense of purpose towards the betterment of themselves, an evolution of their healing, so they may learn, grow and be on their path to eventually meeting their twin flame. There are references and I guess hints in regard to this, but I intentionally left some components free so that it fueled the reader’s imagination. It was a curiosity to realize through feedback from people who like my fiction stories that quite a few of them weren’t aware of the concept. It made me smile when each of them confirmed they were intrigued, placing them on a path to research to learn more. This to me is the essence of perfection in what I love to do the most, inspire.  Love Quote By Author Truth Devour

‘Love and be loved unconditionally.’

I find there is so much pain associated with the journey for true loves greet. As an observer of my surrounds, I often wondered why people chose to settle for partners who didn’t compliment them in the ways I personally expect, desire of another. My choice in life was to remain in solitude until I met and or attracted the person who made my heart sing and my soul shine with joy. It’s not to say that in the past I haven’t been in relationships or even taken lovers, I have, but I knew during the experience that they were not who I wanted to be with. I would never marry them nor bear their children. My mark of a sign was associated to this in essence. The one who I crave to share my everything with is the one who my heart has yearned for across lifetimes. This is what I trust to be true for me.

“It is better to be alone than to be lonely within the presence of company.”  ― Truth Devour

It’s interesting to look in retrospect at who I have accepted in my intimate space. There isn’t one interlude I have chosen that didn’t hold an express intent for learning. All the experiences taught me about myself, readjusted my parameters or understanding of the ideals pertaining to not only loving but the ways in which love is measured by people around me. I found it fascinating that their expression of love and need for it to be delivered in a particular fashion held indicators of where they were positioned on their own life journey to find their twin.

‘Purity of love and light’

Whether it’s all ideals of fiction born of fantasy and sustained by the will of many around the globe, the concept exists and its energy has a following. Take away the idea of the soul splitting and focus just for a second on the essence of what this type of love represents. To me, it is all about an energy space where two people perfectly compliment each other in acceptance, truth and love. Where there is only support, evolution and a drive to not only give to one another but to extend the beauty of what they produce and offer out to the world.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that? I know I do and will settle for nothing less.

Always in all ways for always.

Blessings – Truth Devour

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