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Aussie Talent Production Recruitment

Behind The ScenesTrue Blue Aussie Talent When I set out on this remarkable journey to write, produce and direct the Wantin sizzle reel, I was adamant that I wanted to have people aligned to me who were passionate about their craft and deserved an opportunity to be showcased for their abilities. Anyone who has been …

Playing with Potter

In a world largely structured to drive compliance, routine, conformity and status quo, there is most certainly a hunger for adventurous creative entertainment that provides people a reprieve from their daily consumer driven lives. In fact, its big business, if you get it right.  

Eternally Yours Twin Flame

Do you believe that there is that one incredible, enigmatic person out there who compliments you in ways no other has the ability to do? What would you be willing to sacrifice to find them, to be with them? How far are you prepared to go and what challenges are you ready to face to be present to unite your …

WANTIN 2015 Readers Choice Winner

I’m moved to say the least in regard to the overwhelming positive response I have received from readers who enjoy the creative contemporary fantasy based fiction that I have been putting out into the ether via the various self publishing platforms available. There are so many fantastic works of fantasy fiction now being developed for readers to consume I found …


Imagine a world where everything you were led to believe as real in actuality only forms partial truths, enough to lure you into a false sense of comfort that you are in control of your destiny. Then layer this with the intrigue of seeing what no other can fathom as the one true reality. Now add new paradigms associated  to the …

2015 Readers Choice Awards Nominee

I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that not one but three of my books would become nominated finalists in the McWood Publishing ‘We Said it: Literary Reviews – 2015 Readers Choice Awards’.


I’m never going to understand how people can think its okay to put a creature that is born with the precious gift of flight into a tiny cage for their own occasional amusement. It begs the question, why do people feel compelled to dominate, entrap and control? The even better question is: Why do we allow it?

Readers Favorite – 2015 Award Winner

Wantin is going from strength to strength with continual recognition in almost every competition the novel has been entered into. The most recent has been an honorable mention in the romance category at the 2015 Readers Favorite Book Awards.   [divider] [/divider] When I first started submissions for the whole trilogy (Wantin, Unrequited & Sated), …