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I’m moved to say the least in regard to the overwhelming positive response I have received from readers who enjoy the creative contemporary fantasy based fiction that I have been putting out into the ether via the various self publishing platforms available. There are so many fantastic works of fantasy fiction now being developed for readers to consume I found it humbling and an absolute honor to have not one but three of the four contemporary fantasy fiction novels I have made available on the open market, be selected as finalists in the 2015 readers open to vote competition.  

Creative PurposeIt’s hard to articulate in words what it felt like to receive the notification confirming that Wantin, the first book in the adult contemporary fantasy romance trilogy known as the enigma series was the winner of the award. I read the announcement several times before it sank in that once again the very first book I ventured into the literary markets with was being acknowledged as a stand out for my capabilities as a writer and for the story being told.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you McWood Publishing for hosting the competition and to all the readers who took the time to vote. I received the notification that three of my books had been short listed as finalists and would be subject to public voting across December. It came at a time when I was in the midst of traveling from Australia to the USA for my first ever visit, so a week into live voting had well and truly elapsed by the time I had realized what was happening. By mid month, I wrote a blog letting people know it was on and started issuing messages across social media, along with existing reviewers, family and friends to ask them to pass the message on to any of the readers who may wish to participate.

www.mcpub.blogspot.comShortly after making the announcements and spruiking on every and any social media platform I could find,  I witnessed something magic happen. The readers who love the series went out of their way to repeatedly promote my contemporary fantasy fiction works. A few even extended themselves to write emails to tell me how the books held such importance to them, that it was more than just a fiction story. The way they chose to share aspects of their lives with me in order to explain why reading the trilogy helped them alter what they chose to do in their personal lives was a beautiful unexpected gift. Reading these passionate, raw, honest communications made me feel so blessed. They were trusting me with their secrets.

‘Dare to be the best you can be.’

When I made the decision to transition to become a publicly available and known writer, I never knew the reception to my works would be filled with equal passion. Edging my way into 2016, I recognize this journey I embarked upon holds the potential to be far greater than even what I imagined. What I have learnt across the process of evolving as a writer was and continues to be enriching, but it also affords the privilege of reaching people in ways that encourages the nourishment of their own life experiences, this to me is priceless.

“Devour thy own truth. Lie to others if you feel you must but never to yourself.”  ― Truth Devour

The enigma series is an adult contemporary fantasy romantic trilogy with a paranormal edge brought in by cultural based esoteric concepts such as voodoo and witchcraft. There are erotic undertones to the series as you would expect with a coming of age love story. The descriptives of any adult nature are detailed at times but tastefully done, so there is a balance of presence and imagination
Book 1 - Wantin by Truth Devourafforded for the readers. In essence, the investment in reading this series takes you on a life journey along side the main character, Talia. I write all my works in the first person because I enjoy telling the story in a way which allows for the reader to be very present to everything happening. It makes it personal. Talia’s highs and lows are there for you to experience, enjoy and deal with just as she does.

There are many passionate reviewers out there who have posted some wonderful comments in terms of the series. My recommendation for those who haven’t read the books yet, don’t read the reviews. Aside from the inevitable spoilers which are leaked from time to time, the reality is that it’s hard not to formulate a perception or expectation of the read as a result of what has been experienced by others. I honestly feel you deny yourself the magic of being swept away with the intrigue and wonderment of the journey if you enter it with expectation, bias or have it classified in some way.

“Let the voice of the story speak to you. It has a message only you can hear.”  Truth Devour

The unique genius about fiction is that it holds a voice which resonates within you and thereby holds the truth of how you feel in terms of what you are experiencing during the read. Perhaps its associated to the desires to be more aligned to the personal traits of a character or a yearn to be presented with someone like that in real life. These all are gifts of insight afforded through the pleasure of the journey. You get to hear your voice and enhance your imagination as to what may be possible. It’s then up to you to recognize this and to dare to create it for yourself, if you want to.  No matter what, maintain your hunger for experience and be fearless in honoring your truth.

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Highlight excerpt from the article:

T’s Blogging believes Truth Devour is the #mustread author of today’s literary era. “She surely knows how to keep the mind entertained,” said T’s Blogging.

“I’m happiest when I allow myself to simply be me. I do what I want and aim to harm no one in the process,” Truth Devour stated when asked, “What she has learned along her journey of self-discovery?”

No one should be surprised by the author’s response. Truth Devour is a huge promoter of individuality and self-discovery and is quoted as saying on her website, “Live the journey of self and devour thy own truth.”

Blessings – Truth Devour

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