Imagine a world where everything you were led to believe as real in actuality only forms partial truths, enough to lure you into a false sense of comfort that you are in control of your destiny. Then layer this with the intrigue of seeing what no other can fathom as the one true reality. Now add new paradigms associated  to the mystical concepts of reincarnation, karma, possession, Egyptian mythology and the age old tussle for balance between the pull and draw of good versus evil. If you can begin to imagine this, then you are ready to fall into ‘The Soliloquy’s Labyrinth series’ by none other than Truth Devour

I’ve been sitting in the apartment I have short term subleased in Brooklyn, New York working on the final chapters of the first draft of Insurrection, which is the second book in the Soliloquy’s Labyrinth series. There is always an edge of excitement for me when I am getting closer to the end of capturing the heart of the story. It is a genuine struggle between moments of looking at the word count to see how much farther versus the flip side of becoming so engrossed in the pleasure of the journey that I avoid looking at the word count because I’m not ready to say goodbye.

The best part of my decision to write this series is pertaining to my indulgence of incorporating the elements I personally enjoy exploring in real life. Nearly all my core go to reading involves non fiction topics; arts, science, quantum physics, in particular, holds a curiosity for me, Egyptian mythology, the cognitive reasoning of the human mind, anything medical, some psychology. Please don’t allow me to get started on the plethora of  interests I have around anything paranormal, supernatural from myth to culture based magic, all of which has me tranced and wanting to know more, explore more, participate and play.

‘When you can appreciate that everything you believe you know is subjective, then you begin to arrive at the heart of your truth’

Leveraging my interest into my works of fiction provides one of two things for me. Firstly, it establishes a layer of familiarity because most of the concepts to some degree have been heard of or delved into by people who like to read the fantasy genre. This means that when I add my tilt, interpretation, creation layered over the top, it holds a level of relate-ability thereby encouraging the reader to readily hold the imagery in their mind. This to me is the ultimate stimuli because the reader gets to be entrenched in the journey with the excitement of completely new paradigms to add a wow factor to their day.

Due for release March 2016

“I’ve noticed even people who claim everything is predestined and that we can do nothing to change it, still look before they cross the road.” ―Stephen Hawking

This classic observation by Stephen is definitely a favorite and a good example of the way people tend to work. The premise being that what they convey as a belief is not necessarily supported by their behavior. To place it another way, we measure ourselves by our intentions but the observers (everyone outside of you) measure you based on their interpretation of what they see, which is a direct link to your behavior.

‘There was a beginning. There will be no end.’

I’m intentionally not providing you with specifics around what the up coming book Insurrection will contain. Honestly, this series is best read without preconception. In saying this here is some of the highlights from the Amazon reviews I have begun to receive for the first book in the series called Illuminarium. These are reader review excerpts with none of the spoilers:

Follow the white rabbit: a story of a labyrinth of good and evil. 
Illuminarium by Truth Devour, the first of five books in Soliloquys Labyrinth series, is a truly unique novel. Devour takes a charming and innovative story, mixes it up with deep psychological thoughts, and spices it up with her unique signature writing style.’

* * * *

‘Talk about a thought provoking novel to make one reflect on their life. Truth Devour’s Illuminarium is not one of those books where you can sit down and finish it in one sitting.’ 

* * * *

‘This is a top-notch urban fantasy, deeply engrossing and extremely well-written. The flow of the story never wavers and the characters especially Harper are relatable and likable. In addition, Devour has done an excellent job with building this fantasy world. Her attention to detail is notable I was immersed within the first few pages and really had a hard time putting the book down when I needed to get to sleep.’ 

“Its the moments that matter. Celebrate the moments” ―Truth Devour

There you have it. A snippet of what exists and an insight into what is coming in March 2016. This will be two down with a planned three more to create. If you are an avid reader / reviewer of the fantasy / thriller / paranormal type genre and want to be stimulated by something fresh, thought provoking and new, then you know what to do.

The e-Book version of Illuminarium is set at the price of .99 cents USD.

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Take a chance and above all enjoy the journey.

Blessings – Truth Devour

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