The Visual Diary

Writing fiction to me isn’t all about leveraging off my imagination. The art of observation of my surrounds can aid me greatly when it comes to identifying components of key elements, objects or parts of people which I like to describe in detail.

Hands are a great example of what I tend to always try to define in key characters to add some level of unique interest. If I can manage to capture a suitable quirk, then the character tends to hold a stronger visual prominence for the readers, which I believe makes the book more enjoyable to read.

Photography has played a significant role in my creative life. I enjoy using this medium to assist in collating snapshots of items I want to archive for future reference. Currently I have been using instagram and pintrest to publish and store the images. It gives me global access to my collection and also provides me an avenue to share my visual aids with others who are seeking inspiration for their wrtiting.

If you look at the main picture above you may have noticed the hand holding a page open on a book. What I liked about this hand was the fact that this male had an extraordinarily long thumb nail sharpened to a point. All the other nails were short. Typically I have seen a long fingernail on some mens pinky finger, not the thumb and certainly not as long as this particular one was.

Photo 28-05-2015 8 21 11 am

Hands tell a story that is otherwise seemingly untold. The way a person chooses to move their hands during a conversation, or how they positioned them at rest, the jewellery they adorn, it all helps to form the story that an observer can interpret in any way they wish.

Have you ever judged a person by their execution of a handshake?

Photo 28-05-2015 8 25 27 am

Just as a side thought I can tell you that I personally have often pondered the concept of whether a persons fingerprint is indeed unique. I understand this is what science has stated and there are countless measures since been founded on the basis of this being fact, but I wonder how can we truly know.

The only way we could be certain would be to take an imprint of everyone who currently exists to see whether the markers are indeed unique. Even then if it were proven to be true I could suggest that unless we possessed the imprints of all whom have gone before us, how could we really know? The same can be applied to the concept of DNA and other known markers scientifically concluded as unique to each individual.

Photo 19-05-2015 8 40 24 am

I’m not suggesting what has been concluded through research is inaccurate. I just wonder when I observe my own hands, how unique they actually are. Its a curious thing to be taught something and blindly follow the thoughts of man. My philosophy and nature is divined to naturally question everything and then draw my own conclusions.

Blessings – Truth Devour

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