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Tis the early hours of the first day of the new year 2016 in Brooklyn New York, where the echoes of the people still in the midst of celebration through the streets of Bed-Styvestant can be heard from my fourth floor apartment. I feel the energy of the crowds helping to sustain the excitement. Their dreams, desires and hopes ignited …

Love Actually

To love with purity holding no regard for return of favor is a skill. To find another who naturally has the same capability is a universal collaborative blessing.  True love actually exists.

Who are you?

Is the you that is you known by few and the you that is you only seen by you any less truer than the you of all you’s?


I’m never going to understand how people can think its okay to put a creature that is born with the precious gift of flight into a tiny cage for their own occasional amusement. It begs the question, why do people feel compelled to dominate, entrap and control? The even better question is: Why do we allow it?

Blessed Meet – Sato Family

Many moons ago a budding young very naive girl came from Japan to Australia to study. We met through mutual connections and became fast friends. I gave her the knick name DaDoo because whenever I said I needed to get something or go somewhere to run an errand she would often say “Its ok, I …

Bamboo Forest – Japan

Japan has always held a special place in my heart. There is a familiarity, perhaps even a comfort for me that holds no explanation pertaining to my lineage or cultural upbringing. My only connection to its shores were through the martial arts training I received during my teenage years. I was a voracious reader of anything …

Old School

Is it just me or have we lost something grand when we chose to completely migrate from typewriters to computers? I arrived into this world at the tale end of an era where typing classes were still allocated as a mandatory part of the curriculum vitae. It was also a time when the cane was an …

Game Changer

I wonder why we often require a jolt of some kind to awaken the truth within ourselves. To commit to finding a passion, while igniting a drive to live a life of contribution and fulfillment.