The art of writing

[bd_table]There is one thing I can say for certain when it comes to me personally – Creative expression affords a limitless space of no rules. If we all followed the same thoughts, abide by an agreed structure we no doubt would still be conforming to narrow views such as the world being flat.

It takes imagination to push past what you have been raised to believe and gumption to march forth to the tune of your own rhythm beyond what you can see.

Finding inspiration everywhere Write, write and then write some more
Never stop creating

Carlton Draft Beer Coaster

Writing is the source of truth

Don’t ever give up on what you love.

[/bd_table] Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” – Rabindranath Tagore

I used to struggle with the need to ensure what I was creating was being interpreted with an alignment to my intent. It only dawned on me in the latter part of my life that this was in fact stifling the observers creativity. There was a true sense of freedom experienced by me when I let go of the desire to be understood and just allowed myself to express, embracing the joy of not only the end result but the whole process of getting there. Once I mastered the art of this I found I could appreciate other people’s perspective more readily and much to my surprise it offered great stimulus to see my own works in a variety of different ways which assisted in my expansion of creativity.

My recommendation for aspiring writers is to write. If you feel the onset of procrastination then write about it. For those of you who are experiencing writer’s block, Ummm – write about it. Yes, it’s that simple and that hard. Don’t get consumed by the rules of grammar, spelling etc. I would suggest you first focus on simply allowing yourself the freedom to release what you have bubbling inside you in need of expression. There are plenty of applications and tools on the market which can assist you with the formatting of the story, providing guidance on grammar. Writers rely on editors to assist them to polish their work into a final product for a reason.

Inspiration is a critical key for me to want to continue capturing the story. While  I was writing Illuminarium (Book 1 in the Soliloqy’s Labyrinth Series) I decided to visit a multitude of country towns and, in particular, frequent a series of old refurbished pubs. I was hoping to have my surrounds stimulate me. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but was fortuitous enough to receive the right level of visual stimulus at the times I needed them. The picture above is a real life example. I was at a point where I needed to describe a character whom I chose to call Vance. He is the father of one of the primary characters known as Adeline. The portion of the story where this character is involved is set in the 1920 / 30’s. I was taking pause, from my typing to ponder what he may look like. As I reached across to take a sip of my coffee, there he was. The Carlton draft coaster series depicting life in the precise era I was about to describe. I smiled, whispered thanks to the universe and said hello to Vance.

If there is one thing you take away from reading my thoughts please let it be this – enjoy the creative freedom. Do as you please and have fun while you are creating. Of course we all want to be successful and it is lovely when people enjoy what you are producing but above all of this I would say that if I didn’t enjoy it as much as I do, I doubt I would do it for money. Earning a living as a writer is the end goal for me because I love to write. I’m in my element, to me there is nothing quite like creating a story. It makes me laugh, cry, the full spectrum of my emotions become unleashed across a multitude of characters. It is a fantastical adventure I can create and take with me anywhere.

Write because it is what you love to do. Never be discouraged by external influences. Please yourself above all others, only then will  you appreciate the essence of true success resides within your joy of creative expression.

Blessings – Truth Devour

Devour thy own truth

Devour thy own truth ~ Quote By Truth Devour


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